Around My Heart

Seems like every time
You find your way
around my heart
and into my mind

i pick apart the pieces
of what we had
back then
when we were all out
of line

And I just keep coming
with pictures
and tunes
put to the rocking boat
near water’s edge
where we dipped our souls
in the cool hope
that we’d come up new
even if we never knew
it’s not what we meant
not what we planned
to do.

And your laugh
was enough
to show up in my dreams
when i wasn’t supposed to be sleeping
and I couldn’t wake up.
I’m still not sure it was real
but it’s better than knowing
this is not
what I’m supposed to feel

I don’t think it ever happened
except in this song
I put on replay
So i can sing
what i could never say

If you would have
called me
before you were bored
with nothing to do
just filling empty spaces
to keep old feelings new

I would have held your hand
and let you touch
what you needed to feel
when you’d lost your last deal
and time was in our favor
standing still

But I’m just now saying
what’s on my mind
and you’re looking
for things
you know you can’t find.

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