From the Unknown Soldier

From the unknown soldier:

This flight is so alone without you.
I think of you every bit of the way.
Your gentle composure is something I long for when I am away from its comfort.
Would it be that I had affections for another man
I might miss the depth of your silent touch.
But it is you I long for-day and night.
My prayers teeter between heaven and flesh.
And though my heart is buoyant with you
I find comfort in being grounded in God’s divine wisdom regarding the future.
I am so fearful because making apparent how I feel
is the chance for you to counteract in revealing how you have never felt.
Maybe it is because I see so much knowledge and wisdom and grace
as a part of who you are that I take this chance now.
I’ve always thought that the ultimate connection would be between two
who have the utmost admiration and respect for the other.
And I for you.
And it is not that women refrain from falling at your feet.
It is that you would never allow such
from one who you are not prepared and eager to call as your own.
And yet you do call someone your own.
And so I concede.
Why must life be this way?
You in your own time zone–sleeping when I am fully awake.
Why can’t in one moment we rush mutually toward the other
with perfect peace in God ordained union?
I wonder if you think about me.
And someone wonders if I think about them.
And I think about you.
Perhaps I am in love with your prior dedication to finding only the best.
And perhaps my love is tied to my own desire to be the best.
But one thing remains–I do love you.
Flying can be so romantic but I cannot soar without you.
My wings are turned toward heaven
but my heart is turned toward you.

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