Getting High

I wish I were high and that I could come up with a new word for life. But I just get stuck saying it with exasperation like everyone else. Liffffe. And there is no beginning and no end because this moment can’t comprehend anything but the now. Death is sad but never seems real because we just keep living and all those gone before seem to have never existed. Romance is fun but seems like a dream because we can’t go back to sleep without waking up first. I am being punished for my imperfection when I had no choice but to make mistakes. The same mistakes that other people make that remind me I’m no different than them. You asked why I love you and now I know why you don’t assume my love. Because I should have never assumed yours. I try to clean up but things just keep getting dirtier. Don’t feel sorry for me just because I don’t know you. We can’t get past who we perceive each other to be. That’s all we will ever have because proof is an illusion of what we are destined to believe.

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