Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

Do I want a Prince Charming?
Or do I want to wear these rags
that are comfortable
and frayed around my edges
as long as I live.
Won’t it be nice
to live enlightened only
by my imagination
of those with whom I talk–
never to miss
any one occasion
upon which a whole lifetime
is built.
That fairytale slyly dictated
by time and its cohorts–
who stole away love’s glory
at the strike of reality.
And won’t it be sweet
to know my place
how I fit so well
stowed away
in scene one
never to attend
some ball where my heart
is only borrowed.
Have you ever had a pair of shoes
that fit perfectly?
No slipping
No cramping
Whose love is
Never too loose
Nor too tight.
And will your love
match mine
when time has expired?

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