The Branded Me

‘branding strategies’ is Googled approximately 25 million times per month globally.
In finally creating a blog, I realized that in order to “stand out,” I needed to brand myself.  It seems like for ANYTHING to be successful now-a-days, it needs an angle, a unique approach, a special identity, a catchy tagline, a very specific flavor and smell that cannot be mistaken for another brand.  I’ve often described myself as “Schizo.”  Can you imagine how hard it would be for a schizo to choose just one personality to market to the whole world?  At some point, I thought I could use that to my advantage, by branding myself as the “Schizophrenic Christian” since I’m constantly teetering back and forth between the Fundamentalist, Marginalist and Socialist who just happened to grow up in a very Christian home but went out into a very diverse world where Christianity is only a sideline.

I’ve seen these really very pretty blogs where the woman has this life sized photo of herself somehow photo shopped onto that page in feminine perfection and she has branded herself as the “Sweet Christian Mom.”  Or at least that’s how I perceive it.

I’ve seen the granola blogs, where the writers pride themselves in all things natural and their hair is blowing in the wind with a few happily vegetarian fed children in tow.

I’ve envied the spiritual writers who never consider the opinion of others, because they are so absolutely sure of their own.  Those who clearly stand on either side of gay marriage, social welfare or abortion.  (Feel free to comment and nominate a winner.)

Then there are those who pride themselves by having the motto that “anything goes.”  They claim to be open to anything and everything, but it always just seems like it’s not real and that they mostly fall on the side of liberal, waiting for anyone to challenge their “openness.”  (Feel free to comment and nominate a loser winner.)

So, here I am.  I’d like to be considered a sweet mom, but I’m most often referred to as “uptight” and “irritable” except in those isolated moments where God rains down little nuggets of grace that lengthen my fuse.  I have an appreciation for healthy things and think it would be really cool to say that I’m vegetarian, but I’m not.  Sometimes I feel very strongly about certain controversial issues, but there is always that shadow of doubt in my mind that keeps me from condemning others, for fear that I’m wrong in my stance.  And I’m definitely not an “anything goes” kind of a girl.  I’ve tried that life and it was more uncomfortable than any pair of shoes I’d ever worn.

Is there any possible way to be all of the above?  How can I brand myself as the anything and everything I want to be and that others want me to be at any given time?  Why must I be restricted to one staged photo of myself that only catches me on a manufactured good day?  Why does my bio have to make clear sense, in a categorical, search engine indexed kind of a way?  Why can’t I just be subscribed to, for who I am and also who I’m not?

On a final note, I really love those clearly spiritual or unmistakably chic blogs.  I aspire to be more like those tiny parts of my branded DNA that were snuffed by the more prominent genes of “schizophrenia.”

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