Eating Chicken

So, I’ve lamented before about how I’m NOT one of the “health nut” bloggers who is really cool and can kick some health nut butt.

But I am a very moody person who can stick to a new idea for a week or two just for the creative fun of it.

Here’s how I figure out what is healthy.  I Google random things like “how to cook healthy,” “how to cook with healthy fats,”  “how to make your family like the healthy things you cook,” “interesting chicken recipes,” “is chicken really better for you than beef,” “how much weight can I lose if I cut sausage out of my diet,” “what if I drink more water, will I look 10 years younger?’ ‘do you really have to exercise in addition to eating healthy in order to lose weight?’  ‘can I eat casseroles without getting fat?’ ‘What can I do to make my face look younger?’

And I pick up random bits and pieces of information that are probably VERY incongruent with the whole big picture of really living a “healthy life.”

Some things I’ve deduced so far:
It’s good to use a facial moisturizer (Pond’s) at morning and night.  If you do, you will be beautiful like Raquel Welch.  Source:

2)  Unsaturated fats are better for you than saturated fats.  That was my interpretation.

3) Chicken and Fish are better for you than red meats.  (This is not altogether true).

4) Yoga is a great way to gain more control of your mind, body and soul.  Also, a take home from Raquel’s book.  SO I tried yoga, and it was pretty cool in making my heart rate rise without all the stress on my hips of taking a run outside.  But I must not be doing the poses right, because my lower back is killing me.

All of this to say, that I’m going to try a whole slew of healthy chicken recipes and see what my family thinks.  And by whole slew, I mean a week or two of chicken recipes.  Even thought the above links says that the “healthy choice” is not necessarily chicken over beef.

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