Gardening-Kinda Sorta.

UPDATE: I left the planter outside yesterday (oops) and the hot sun was too much for the babies, so they wilted and died. There are still, however, a few resilient ones. Hopefully they will survive.

So, I spent all day digging up grass, weeds and whatever else–trying to level up the ground so that I could create a flower bed.  Compared to the amount of work that went into digging, weeding, leveling, etc., I’m not sure it was worth it.  I planted a shrub that was labeled as “foundation” and I think that means you can plant it next to the foundation?  Or let’s hope.  I planted it because I (eventually) want it to hide the electrical pipes that you can see in the photo.  I guess I should have taken a before picture so that I could feel better about the after.  I will add flowers into the garden later.
Township 4 Kannapolis-20130406-00112 Township 4 Kannapolis-20130406-00111 China Grove-20130406-00104 Township 4 Kannapolis-20130406-00115
My children and I also planted some flower seeds in these little planters.  A few of them are actually coming up, but they are what the pros refer to as “leggy.”  And, I don’t think that’s a good thing.  This is the second time we’ve planted the planters, because my three year old thought it would be cute to pull up the first ones that started to emerge.

Some pointers I found online for planting flower seeds are complicated:
Not too much sunlight, not too little.
Not too much water, not too little.

I can’t help but compare this whole one day, one woman renovation to my spiritual life.  Sometimes I get a wild hair to “clean up my life,” pull up all the weeds and plant something really beautiful to hide the rather unsightly feature/fixture that just happens to be permanent in my life.  I try to increase my curb appeal, hide the really bad stuff so that I look good from a distance.  As you can see, sometimes the end result is sub-par.  But I don’t think we’ll ever really know the long term impact of planting seeds with our children and hoping together that they grow.

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