Broken treasured retreat

Peace In the garden Flowers beauty Stains erased All the past and pain And tearful failures faced. Trace the outline Of our love Along this rocky road Crackling leaves Beneath our feet Of Broken treasured Retreat. Longing to be one With soul Matching precision Portal open Floating between Reality Indecision.

Mercy light

It is never all lost Or all gone Or all finished Wrapped up and done It’s just around the corner A light for you to see Followed to the farthest point Measureless endless mercy You can’t believe the love She gives Surrounds the coldest night With warmth, and joy and harmony Peaceful calm delight.

God with us

God with us Even when we leave ourselves Truth eternal Love swells Overflowing perfection Natural selection Intentional dissection Power of words Harnessed Feelings blurred Hold onto all that’s good.


Just what I needed Elixir I’d pleaded For relief God saw fit To open the heavens Rain down A little leaven Manna Too plain I’d complained Pulled out my hair Disdained Rotten Meal Every day steel Heavy in my heart Torn apart Ravenous Cavernous Room For new start Mornings rise On all our problems So…