Hello, my name is Anna. I’m an approval addict.

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Hello, my name is Anna, and I’m an Approval Addict.  Approval is a gateway drug.  It leads to other addictions and disorders.  Almost every personal or collective dysfunction in society can be traced back to one unanswered question we each ask from birth: “Am I acceptable?”  Many of us long for this all-encompassing, once-and-for-all stamp of approval that certifies our worth.  Some of us are born with pretty faces or impressive talents that make it easier to gain the approval of others, so we spend a lifetime believing we’re living at our fullest potential because everyone tells us we’re o.k.  Others of us take a harder but ultimately more rewarding road.  Perhaps we grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, have issues with our teeth, gain weight like a pro or always let the wrong thing slip out of our mouth.  We’ve never easily gotten the approval of others, so we either self-medicate or self-dedicate.  It’s easier to self-medicate before we ever understand that self-medication is a temporary solution to a long-term problem.  If we come to the end of ourselves, we’ll either call it quits or enroll in the path of self-dedication, discovering who God says we are and then dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of our Spirit-approved calling. 

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  1. Rod Lampard says:

    Powerful read. Talent doesn’t necessarily mean someone will be easily accepted. I could walk on the moon, play my guitar standing in my head, have the biggest blog in the world, and I’d still not be accepted by some folks. I think it comes down to jealousy, fear of response, not knowing how to encourage, and sadly, as epitomised in a confession from Oscar
    Wilde, who said, “when one of my friends succeed, a part of me dies.” Brutal.

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