Surrender to control

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What happens when we no longer have control? Think back to those moments in time when you lost control. What triggered the release? Intentionality? Big bang happenstance? Were you ripped inside-out by the monster of greed or were you quickly pushed back inside by your primal mother? There is a continuum of perceived control in life. When you feel you have no control, remind yourself you do. When you feel you’re in absolute control, remind yourself you’re not. The range is a balancing act between surrendering to fate and designing your own destiny.

On your tight rope of discovery, take control of your circumstances and at the same time accept there are some weights that should be cast away for the chance of making it to the other side. Neither punish nor reward yourself for taking each step forward. Simply revere your efforts to put one foot in front of the other. No one can control you when you’re surrendered to each soul’s unique journey. You won’t seek to control another if you understand the power of walking alone.

We hold tight, because we long to protect, but this reaction – this clinging to our inner, will never open ourselves up to the deepest possibilities for clarity and connection and climactic living. You may ask yourself if life is beautiful sunsets, sparkling seas and endless waterfalls. You may wonder if the love you seek is only meant for musical symphonies. Perhaps you lay awake at night tormented by the peripheral power of your unfulfilled executive presence. This is you. The whispering regrets when night falls quiet, the unspoken truths you fight to suppress, the sudden strength that audibly erupts. This is you surrendered to you while maintaining complete control.

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