Puppy love in a dog eat dog world

red art relaxation girl
Photo by Una Laurencic on Pexels.com

Once you catch a glimpse of love, preserve it. At all costs. Not puppy love. True love. Love that connects the dots of your past with the hopes for your future. Love that opens your eyes and reminds you of every dream you thought you’d lost. Love that makes everything seem brighter and confirms your essence. Love that has no end and only sparks beginnings.

You’ll never meet another soul like that. She sees you. Her gift is seeing. Love is a strand that connects us all, threading our spirits together, creating a woven tapestry that collectively represents our need to see and be seen. Love’s beauty is captured in a painting and bleeds at the same time onto a canvas that longs to be displayed. We are all artists, creating our own mating call through unique mediums, amidst the fearful plea, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

In a dog eat dog world, we musn’t settle for puppy love—a watered down version of fleeting connection. The love you receive, reflects the love you give, the risk you take by being fully you, through watercolor, melody or prose.

Some have a gift, to reflect the fullness of yourself back to you, even though you’ve not finished your work of art, you have little to show of full potential, and you’ve never fully loved yourself. This was not a trick up their sleeve, though they seemed to be a magician. This was not a happenstance encounter, though we always wake up.

Their healing is your gift. Your journey is their discovery, a way for love to live on its own, without a host. Preserve true love by saving your soul. Guard the Gift by opening your eyes to eternal beauty. We were never designed to subscribe to one work of art, because love is omniscient and our life is an endless gallery, where at any moment, we may take pause.

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