Little by little: Accomplishing the impossible

photo of woman in red blouse sitting on metal staircase
Photo by Khalid Garcia on

As a child, my parents taught me a song:

Little by little

Inch by Inch

By the yard, it’s hard

By the inch, what a cinch

Never stare up the stairs

Just step up the steps

Little by little

Inch, by inch.

By: Ron Hamilton (Patch the Pirate)

It’s such a simple concept.  To tackle the seemingly impossible little by little, one step at a time.  I was reminded again today, that my long-term trajectory is impacted by my short-term decisions.

So, why is it so difficult to change our lives little by little?

Why is it so painful to step up the steps one by one instead of just staring up the long flight of stairs?

For me, there are some things I totally rock, taking the little by little approach.

Other things, I just sit on the bottom step and waste my time thinking about how it will take forever to make it to the top.

I find we think about “little by little” in project management terms when it comes to tasks and waves of activity but it’s less common to think of transforming our mindset little by little.

It seems overwhelming to change how we think all at once, but we can change our thoughts one by one.

What single thought can you work toward changing today?

Identify that one thought that habitually brings you down and find a replacement thought.

                                                “Perfection is perception.”

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