Look at how much you’ve grown!


All my thoughts happen yesterday. Just like growing up. Somewhere in time gone by, we lose infinite versions of ourselves to memories we can barely recall. Recently, I had a sudden recollection, a flashback of my past life from about five years ago.

I thought. Wow. “Look at how much I’ve grown.”

You know, like one of those relatives who showed up at holiday, when you were a kid, pinched your cheeks and exclaimed, “Look at how much you’ve grown!”

You hadn’t noticed.

Imagine standing in the mirror for a lifetime, watching yourself transform right before your very eyes.

What would you see as your biggest change? Which change would you slow down? Which transformation would you speed up?

It’s impossible to keep up with our progress without an intentional reminder to ourselves about where we were and where we are.

Line up the photos from your past. Take some time to recollect the challenges, fears, obstacles you faced. Then, stand in front of the mirror now.

“Look at how much you’ve grown!”

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