Taking a new route

woman using map on gray car compartment
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Most of us tend to be creatures of habit. A parking space recently became available in covered parking uptown. I started parking in a new location. This meant I was parking on a different street and needed to take a new route. Not a big deal. But for me. It was. A few mornings ago, I decided I had enough time to explore taking a new route. It was so much better. More direct. No need to change lanes. Less stressful.

This morning I thought about how hard it is to change our direction and how easy it is to stick to the old route simply because it is familiar.

Sometimes I don’t make changes because I’m worried that I’ll end up with a worse outcome than if I’d just stayed comfortable.

Other times, I don’t make changes because I’m too busy to look at a map. Or maybe I don’t believe reading maps is my thing.
Occasionally, a friend will notice I’m taking the long route, and they’ll offer a suggestion of how I might switch it up to save myself some time.
Fear of change isn’t enough to explain our old habits that we hold onto like a childhood teddy bear. The root of our stagnation is something deeper, closer to our instinct to survive.

In essence, the thought of changing doesn’t scare us because we fear being uncomfortable, but because we fear our demise.

What path are you taking that you’re pretty certain is wrong, but you continue down that road because your mind rejects unknown possibilities?

I encourage you today, to take what might seem like a detour. Follow your gut, even if the thoughts of getting lost scares you.

Or take out a map. Set aside 30 minutes of your day to study the more efficient path. Clearly define your options and gain certainty that the road you’re taking is the most direct path to success. If it’s not, accept that fact or exercise your intuition and take a new road that may get you there quicker, in better health.

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