Data Drive-Through: Unhealthy Stereotypes

Data is great for perpetuating stereotypes. Here’s why. We tend to write algorithms to produce results that match our biases. When we didn’t have data right at our fingertips, it took much longer for news to spread. Someone had to pick up a book or read a magazine, then go gossip. Information had a much longer life-cycle. Digital data…

Data Smog: The dangers of second-hand knowledge

Remember how everyone used to light up? It was even kind of cool to smoke. Recall how an entire industry was built around the Marlboro Man? I remember being in public and having smoke blown in my face as if there was no taboo at all around the risk of second-hand exposure. Those who manufactured…

When do you say no?

I often feel a need to explain. To give a heartfelt explanation as to why my answer is simply “no.” 🚫❤️ Some think saying “no” is the magical key to #success.🔑 Do you struggle with knowing when to say NO? 🤔 Or are you a PRO at saying NO? 💁 Share your thoughts on saying…

Synergies smooth

You were The only one ever Who met me Where Ocean and land Collide The rush The breaking inside Foam of slow release Energy of crashing Beneath Where all the seashells Gather as proof Of sand and water Synergies smooth.

Nature’s budding

Today was a distant echo of gardening blooms Reversed Velvety petals Floating Feather light Across my cheek No difference between Your touch And nature’s budding Bliss.