Nature’s Budding

Arise my love Remind me you’re near Rescue me from dreaming Waking is but fear. Meet me in the meadows Of empty canvas beds Where skillful brushes led Our artful souls be fed. And should the rain fall swiftly While steam reflects love’s warmth I’ll trace your form to feel Nature’s budding in the storm….

Crimson white

Everything changed The day we let her go Angel of love Wings white as snow Crashing beauty Crimson flow.

Fallen Lovers

  Falling leaves Harken chilling weather Auburn lovers We float together Gently covering Rolling hills Mystery rising Full moon still.

I remember

I remember you in every sunset In every flower that blooms Every shooting star I remember you in quiet morning dew Life that lives anew I remember you In every song that inspires At the warmth of winter’s fire I remember You.

Sandcastles of love

No one can rescue us. But we were rescued Walking down the sanded coast Waves crashing Next to lonely hearts Stars were ours to share With the moon lighting love’s way It’s the story we held in our hearts Not actual sunsets But the grit of sandy reality And salty reminders That high tide Washes…