Forgiven Sailors

a sailboat navigating the sea
Photo by Luke Barkhuizen on

Sailing the world
You’re the sailor
Who tames the wind
Cleansing a lifetime of sin
By breathing
Salty life in

All the beauty you saw
By living life raw
Needs no forgiving
The way you live
Breathing in
The breath of our
You’re the everlasting

We’ve all sinned
Some by loving
Others by living
You by giving
Your full attention
Let’s not mention
The lives you save
The moments you stop
To make the unseen brave.

And I want to live with you
In your heaven
Forget religious leaven
This is the love
The peace
God’s dove
Surrendered bliss
Love is

And if I could choose
One of these days
To stand still
It’d be the day
You convinced me
Pain is the teacher
And love is all that’s real
Instantaneously healed.

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