Perception Rules King (Queen) and taking back our crown

old ldayPerception is how we read the story around us. It’s the narrative we tell about the details of our life. Perception is the magic fairy dust that makes us smile amidst grueling circumstances. But perception can also take a dark turn. It can lord its power over us and send us to our knees begging for mercy before we even understand why. It’s a subtle yet powerful force that can build or destroy kingdoms because, Perception rules Queen.

I’m the type of person who is prone to invite hardship into my life because I constantly seek to learn more, I like to earn badges, and I was raised to believe in the context of religion, that if you’re in pain, you must be doing something right. I’m fascinated by how each of our childhood backgrounds influence our perception of the world around us. We’ve all seen the old and beautiful lady artfully woven into one picture to test our perception. Do we perceive beauty or are we immediately drawn to the less desirable aspects of the world around us?

I feel really blessed for my perception to have been battered and torn by fierce winds of Hollywood proportions. I’m keenly aware that my perception is malleable and it’s both exhilarating and terrifying to see the progression of how I perceive the world around me. Now, I strive to perceive every circumstance as shrouded in light. I get the sense that the only way we can live a happy life is to perceive every experience as good. To interpret our sorrow as a pathway to enlightenment. To see our enemies as teachers. To use our shame as a catapult to ecstasy.

Once, someone came to me with a piece of news that was an instant dagger to my heart. But it felt so good. In that exact moment this individual put me out of my misery and twisted the knife, I felt free.  As I sputtered my last few breaths, I was awakened into a new awareness, and I perceived my circumstances in a completely new light. My power was not in what I’d previously viewed as something uncontrollable that was happening TO ME, my power was in the fact that I had absolutely no control over other people and how they treated me. My perception was immediately healed, and I finally wore my crown again.

For those who deal with certain types of mental illness, they have a keen understanding of how perception rules their world and how quickly shadows move across their brain to make them ready to face the world or go into hiding. Everyone can experience the dynamic of perception’s power by observing those whose cross is to ride the waves of untamed senses. But we can also invite this knowledge into our lives proactively by facing our biggest fears.

There is nothing more powerful to reset our perception of life, than walking straight into the fire of those things we fear most—God’s retribution, relational abandonment, embarrassing failure, blatant rejection.

I’ve faced many of my fears, but it seems there’s a never-ending supply of opportunities for us to prime our senses by testing our perceptions.

What’s the fear you need to face? What’s the perception you’re literally dying to resurrect?

All it takes is ONE step to cross the threshold to where you’re now looking back with a different perspective.

Only you know what that step is.

It’s time for YOU to rule King (Queen).

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