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“Prayer is a transformational tool available to everyone, no matter their current status on the spiritual or economic ladder.”

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My prayers seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

I thought that if I went to school and got a degree, worked hard, and applied myself,

I’d get a professional #job. I thought a professional #career was simply a natural product of going to college and obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

I sent out hundreds of applications, maybe thousands, with well written cover letters, tailored to specific jobs.

And I prayed.

I prayed hard.

I prayed long.

Still nothing. No response. Complete and utter silence.

What was I missing? Was I aiming too high? Was I aiming too low?

“God, please show me what to do. Please provide a job for me.”

Birds chirping.

Should I continue to pray?

In my case, prayer came naturally. I was taught to pray as a little girl. My father was a Baptist minister and prayer was simply our second language.

Symbolically, as a child, I involuntarily attended the prayer school of immersion.

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Prayer is a transformational tool available for FREE to everyone, no matter your current level of pay or religious belief system.

Because my background is Christianity, I pray to God, Lord, and Jesus – all names for a divine God who I believe personally cares about my financial future.

But prayer is about more than faith in a God. Prayer is a declaration of our desires. Prayer is a thoughtful commitment to seeing our dreams come true. Prayer is surrender to an external power source. Prayer is also the recognition of our own power within.

Prayer is a commitment to learning, a declarative statement that “I don’t have all the answers.”

It demonstrates a willingness to seek.

Prayer refines our desires, so that when we receive, we receive the true desire of our heart. Not a substitute.

Prayer is the opposite of thoughts running wild.

Prayer is an intentional parent thought that produces baby thoughts centered on our heart’s desire.

So, despite the apparent silence from God about kickstarting my career, I continued to pray.

Not because I was disciplined or righteous enough.

Simply because I’d internalized prayer as a viable life strategy through my parents’ demonstration of its power.

Throughout this section in my “Making Money isn’t a Sin” primer, I’d like to share with you:

🙏Prayers that worked

🙏How my prayers have changed over time

🙏Why I still pray

🙏How you can use prayer to reach your financial goals


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This article is a part of my Practical Primers for Adulting series

Making Money isn’t a Sin

Primer #1-Article 1: Where you are today, is NOT where you’ll be tomorrow

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