Where you are today, is NOT where you’ll be TOMORROW!

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If you asked me twenty years ago how I thought my life would look in 2020, I’d never answer that I would have:

🔥Conceived my first child on the African continent

🔥Birthed 5 biological children

🔥Adopted 3 girls from Cameroon

🔥Contemplated divorce, suicide, and completely giving up

🔥Reached a six-figure income

But that’s not all!

I can truly say that I reliably experience a predictable state of satisfaction and joy day-to-day. I no longer wonder if “I can.” I know that I CAN use my thoughts as a powerful tool to shape ANY future I want.

As long as I’m alive, I’ll continually search for ways to improve my life and the life of those I love.

I love my family. My friends. My enemies.

I love YOU!

Something I’ve learned along the way…

Is that no matter how inferior we feel to our grandiose vision of the future,

It’s important that we take the time to look back and share the wisdom we’ve gained with others who are looking for a solution to problems we’ve already solved.

This is why I want to share my journey toward #FINANCIAL independence with you.

The purpose of sharing MY journey is not to imply that YOUR journey will look like mine.

Your goals and tactics are likely very different than mine…and should be.

However, there are universal strategies that work in any situation, to bring about the bright financial future we desire.

You’ll find similar strategies in most any motivational course written by gurus who’ve discovered the “secret” to achieving their financial goals.

In this series, I’ll share my personal stories to demystify what often feels like philosophically inaccessible truths.

Embrace your personality fully as you apply these 5 strategies in your own way, on your unique journey toward FINANCIAL freedom.

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In reality, there is NO magical percentage of time we can spend on each strategy to equal success.

In fact, each of these strategies is intertwined and combined as a powerful force:

🌟We can’t seek without surrender.

🌟We can’t pray without learning.

🌟We can’t plan without seeking.

And so on…

In this series, I’ll detail my career progression and demonstrate how each of these strategies helped me to start earning a 6-figure income.

I pray you find this primer simple and instrumental.

As you read my story, open the portal of your mind and allow yourself to imagine the possibilities of an abundant financial future.


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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


This article is a part of my Practical Primers for Adulting

Primer #2-Article 1: Making Money Isn’t a Sin

Primer #3-Article 2: Get a job, get rich, retire early, pray

I will post an excerpt from “Making Money Isn’t a Sin” every weekday for the next month.

The full primer will be available via an all-in-one read on Kindle, coming soon!

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