The Simple Life

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Are you moving toward a simpler life due to the #pandemic?

This is exactly what I’ve done, thanks to #covid19 and #remotework. Partly as #riskmitigation but partly because I’m tired of living a life that solely revolves around a paycheck.

As Rosie Spinks points out in this beautifully written article, many are choosing to:

“…downsize or move to a cheaper place and acquire less stuff” so they can “work less, produce more, and rely less on globalized supply chains.”

But now what? I find myself in this weird place of inaction, smack dab in the middle of “Ambition and Adaptation.”

“Less is more” seems like a guilty pleasure. We’ve been brainwashed to believe bigger is indisputably better. All the while, our children are raised by YouTube and Instagram.

The sky is no longer their limit. There are no limits. Except we are indeed limited. Limited by memorized expectations that are extremely difficult to re-imagine.

Let us not forget that our circumstances are born of the seeds we plant.

It’s our choice what to harvest next.


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