Come thou fount of every blessing (piano)

Verse 1: Come thou Fount of every blessing,Tune my heart to sing thy grace;Streams of mercy, never ceasing,Call for songs of loudest praise.Teach me some melodious sonnet;Sung by flaming tongues above.Praise the mount! I’m fixed upon it,Mount of God’s unchanging love.Verse 2: Here I raise my Ebenezer;Hither by thy help I’ve come;And I hope, by…

Bound by habit

Patterns we seekdespite our desireto live another lifescenes we can barely touchbelieving the iron potson the wallmight be enoughstone cobbled sidewalkswelcoming usinto homewarmed by chimneyfresh cut woodwinteron the brinkof springbut here we sitbound by habitrabbit trailswasted timeon well wornpathsthinkingmagicis only imaginablewhile livespass us bysneakily determinedto stealwhat joy could be.

New premonitions

In the span of a dreamyou can be savedby one whose armscatch you from falling Dangling from a ledgeof the past not afraidbut today fearfullystaring at abyss Someone recognizedyour apprehensionjust like a childwho once was innocent but in an instantbecame awarethat to fallmight mean danger.


I remember, when I was pregnant with my children, delivery got easier, but carrying a baby for 9 months became increasingly difficult. Life is like this–in anticipation of a new goal reached, a new milestone completed—as we mature, being familiar with the road ahead doesn’t necessarily make us feel better. I don’t know anyone who…

Spin it

Time is running outfew and far betweenconsumethen go to sleepwe all must fleea sceneillusionsspun by mindsinsanewe’re left behindfaster than the crowdvoices raging loudpushed beyond our limitthe voiddemands we spin it.