I prefer delusionalDrunken ledgeUnusualSilken smellOf faint familiarRescue me fromSolid pillars Crushed beneathThe girth of strengthHolding dullOur soulsAt length. Please Don’t leave meHere aloneWhere feelingsDreamed AwakenedStone.

Everyone walks away

I didnt include chorus here, but it goes: Everyone walks away With something thats good today And then turns out to say I should have walked on. Please don’t walk on.

Musical Memories

For the longest time, I thought this song was Tarantula. I can’t believe that I played these pieces over 20 years ago. I’ve noticed that since I’ve re-visited these songs the past 3 weeks, my recollection has improved. I feel smarter knowing that I still have the skill to sight read music at an intermediate…