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  1. Yeah Just
    Left A Blog
    Home Where
    A Dude

    Are Not Christian

    And There’s No
    Way In Hell

    i Could


    Him Spirit is

    Our Emotions

    Best In Spirit

    Of Love
    In Mind
    And Body
    Whole Balance Soul

    Best in Flow Regulating
    Emotions Integrating

    Loving LiFE Now

    And Oh Lord

    Our Priest We

    Visit Tries

    To Assert

    Love is
    Not Feeling

    As Science
    Shows Emotions
    Drive Choice First
    Love More Palatable😊

    1. Anna says:

      I always read that verse about love is patient…kind….long-suffering, always read that as…in order to love we have to choose to be patient when we don’t feel like it, etc. Then I realized those attributes are a natural result of “true love.” Yes, we can choose to be loving, but contrast that verse with the verse on sacrifice (choosing) and we see that “choosing” doesn’t necessarily mean love. Choosing can actually just be a bunch of noise.

  2. SMiLes It’s Really Hard to Understand Just How Important
    Feelings Are And How Important They Are to Any way to
    Navigate A Vast River of Life And Ocean Whole Indeed

    True It’s Hard

    To Understand

    Until All Is


    And A Thousand

    Years is Hell in One

    Second There is No

    Decision to Live or

    Die There



    There Are

    Places No Places at
    All Hell is Nothing At All…

    SMiLes Obviously i Appreciate

    Emotions Now Every Word Every Step

    A Color of Dance And Song More

    It’s Not that ‘Lucifer’

    Is Only A Light




    Only A Fallen

    Angel A Devil

    Will Truly Appreciate Wings
    To Fly At All What Good Is A Grounded
    Soul No Living Tree Not Even A Tree in a Dead Leaf at All…

    It’s in The Realm of Poetry Not Just a Talk of a Couple of

    Words of Love’s Choice At Church Honestly if They’d

    Give ‘Lucifer’ ‘A Voice’ to ‘Hear’ They Might come to Understand What Hell Teaches
    Most It’s Worth Noting That In The Story of Jesus He Got to Go to Hell (The Gift) First too

    Not Surprised at all…

    “Father Why Have You
    Forsaken Me” i didn’t
    Say Those Words i Just

    Did the ‘Painting Scream’ for 66 Months
    Does the Painting Relate Hell No For there

    Is not



    Feeling of a
    Scream in Hell..:)

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