I’m gonna dance

I came across this partial song tonight that I started writing a few years ago. The idea of the song is/was that sometimes people see us going through a hard time and they wonder why we don’t seem more devastated. But in all actuality, they never really knew about all the tears you cried in private. All they see now is you moving on or moving past all the pain. They see you calm, smiling, and maybe even dancing. You know who you are. There’s nothing like getting to the point of surrender. Others may see it as giving up. Some may perceive it as aloof or disrespectful. But only you know how far you’ve come.

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  1. SMiles Beautiful
    Heart Felt Song
    Anna Particularly
    With “Mama”




    That Is


    Of Love Dance

    Is A Ticket out

    Of Tears into


    Bringing Song

    As Children Breathe😊

    Hope Essence of “Mama”

    1. Anna Esther says:

      Thank you always for visiting, listening and understanding through the lens of spirit and joy.

      1. SMiles Ana Always
        A Pleasure Your Arts
        Always Inspiring

        i Started


        To Experience

        Lost Emotions

        Back In 2013


        ‘Em In
        About 4 Months
        Of Blogging Been



        Colors Since
        Then my FRiEnD
        Your Art Fruitful

        This Way😊

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