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Sometimes no expression comes.  It’s just a blank stare that makes a difference.  Nothing can move us, not even the taunt of insects reminding us we’re out of our element.  You’re all soul, my friend – familiar like songs I’d never heard before but listened to a million times.  It’s impossible to live the magic and make sense all at once.  We must marry one and abandon the other or else we live alone – exiled to question existence for an eternity.  It’s not borrowed time, it’s the beauty of a moment you chose to experience, echoing back across eternity—now giving you space to move and breathe and experience shelter no one else sees.  I’m a shy romantic and everyone I know who lives to touch the hem of his garment, dies just the same to some level of existence that never served them well. 

There’s a constant companion who mocks us, everything within that makes us feel alive and well.  He sneers and jeers and prods and pulls, holding one goal of preoccupying our soul with useless moments of digression we’ll later recall as wasted.   Everything we loathe about ourselves is a lie.  Yet, there’s peace, calm and rejuvenation at the heart of all we’re promised to become—soul’s journey deep into the unknown.   You called me out from heart numbing despair and reminded me there’s still life on this planet.  Your spirit embodies every single good thing over a lifetime I’ve closed my eyes to imagine.  So, I continue to hope beyond the canvas, past everything it appears we’ve been gifted to create.  It’s so lonely when this world keeps me from meeting you in ours.  Spiritual separation from your voice, steady stream of wisdom, feels like desert exile, leaving me parched until we meet again. 

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  1. Leaf Becomes
    Grow to Become
    Trees Leaves
    Again What


    A Leaf



    Yet Grow

    Green Again 🍁

    Plant me Where 🍂

    i Leaf Again Green🍃

    1. Anna Esther says:

      Thank you, as always, for echoing nature’s call.

      1. SMiles Anna
        Always Pleasure😊

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