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  1. SMiles Anna Reminds
    me Of Strawberry
    Fields Forever

    And Presents

    Of Strange

    Yet Divine Minds🎼😊

    1. Anna Esther says:

      Strange yes. Usually goes with divine. 🙂

      1. Extreme Moods Paint
        All Colors Shades of
        Grey Thru Black

        Abyss Soul

        Anna Genetics

        Associated With
        Mood ‘Disorders’

        Influence the Gene
        Pool When Cave Art
        From Humans First

        Appeared About

        40,000 Years




        Art How

        Will Divine

        Be Expressed

        For Those Who
        Do Not Experience

        It To Connect To Others

        Who Do So On The ‘8th Day’

        God Nature Creates Art So

        Humans Will Help Other





        True Modern
        Science Finds
        These “Strange”
        Folks Still Bringing
        Colors of Divine in Art New🌈🦋

      2. Anna Esther says:

        Yes. and I wonder who has the real mood “disorder”…..think about this a lot. but yes, against the backdrop of corporate, grey, our moods are intolerable even to ourselves, because we know how close we are to crossing some line.

      3. SMiles Anna For Many
        Years My Moods
        me Emotions
        And Senses
        That A Work
        Of A Lifetime

        Now It’s

        Of So Much
        Practice in

        Mastery that

        And Work
        A Day Life

        Never Authored

        Yet Art Does in
        Free Flow of Dance

        And Song

        Just So

        Many Decades

        And Years to


        Comfortable at 53

        In All Colors of my SKiN🔥

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