Blank Slate

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

We never really have a blank slate. 

Do we? 

But we can erase as much as possible, in order to feign a “brand new start.” 

Here’s the problem, though.  Our future is inextricably tied to our past.  We are who we are today, in part because of what happened to us yesterday.

How do we start over?

How do we begin anew?

How can we give our life that new car smell?  

It isn’t easy.  Even if we make a drastic change in our life, it is difficult to find our ground.  We think our dusty thoughts.  We seek out old friends.  We wonder what if.  We try to make sense of our present, not by forging a completely new way, but by synching into habitual patterns, picking up on addictions where we left off, and making the same mistakes over and over again.

Yet, it’s hard to say what was a mistake and what was not, because we’ve learned some valuable lessons.  The depth of who we are has to do with every single painful thing we’ve experienced.  How do we accept those intense lessons as gifts that we can give to others by owning our wisdom and enlightening the world around us? 

You have the power to change someone else’s life, to save someone’s life, by being authentically you.  By showing up.  By sharing your pain.  By letting others see you’re willing to risk vulnerability at the chance for soul connection. 

So, it isn’t about wiping your slate clean.  It isn’t about starting over.  It isn’t about having all the answers for why you are the way you are today.  It’s about letting the mess live as an abstract splattering on the painting of your soul.  Others don’t need to see what you see.  They don’t need to feel what you feel.  As long as you’re willing to be authentic and put yourself on display in the gallery of life, you’ll give passerby’s the chance to express themselves through your work of art—your life experience—your blend of colors that will always be up for interpretation. 

It’s a gift to be seen in different ways.  It’s a privilege to be admired for reasons unique to the observer. 

Don’t be so quick to wipe your slate clean.   

Sit with yourself.  Let your dirty paint brushes soak for a while.  Let the chalk dust settle. 

You are beautiful.  You are loved.  You are accepted.  Your life is a masterpiece.

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  1. SMiLes To the Extent Rodents Have some kind of Ancestral

    Memories It is Doubtful that Humans Come Anywhere Close
    To A Blank Slate of Experience of Course as Neuroscience

    Shows We Wire Our Self
    Differently Across the
    Lifespan According to



    Environment Means So Much..:)

    1. Anna Esther says:

      Yes. I believe so too. It’s hard to say which part of our environment causes what….but. Even environment in mother’s womb. How does a mother’s level of stress when pregnant, for instance, affect the life of a child?

  2. SMiLes Anna it takes a Village to Raise A Healthy Child… Why?

    Social Support Takes Away So Many Potential Avenues of
    Stress During Pregnancy And Stress is Behind So Much

    Disease Among Human Adults And of Course

    The Stress Hormones The Child is Bathed
    in Developing Impacts All of Development

    As too Much Negative Stress Destroys

    Adult Human Bodily Systems too

    Not Surprising Epigenetic
    Effects That Come
    With A Stress Ridden

    Womb Are Mostly Negative
    In Impact And Some Studies

    Have Even Shown the Stress Hormones

    May Have Deleterious Effects On Language Development

    Perhaps Faster in Girls And Slower Among Young Men

    Without a Village Helping to Raise A Child from

    Conception On… Problems Will Come

    As They Continue to ‘Snowball’ Now..:)

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