Focus on the Vision

Almost everything we enjoy, cannot be enjoyed in its entirety until we realize that what we enjoy will most always be accompanied by the mundane tasks that make our moments of pleasure possible and we in turn, set ourselves up to focus on the vision, not the next step. Take music for instance.  One of…

I Missed you.

I miss you and all you gave me which was only hope that someday we would be more than a passing glance a stolen chance for making memories that make every day more than waiting sitting close close as you could feeling electricity that since lost its charge.


Sometimes I would rather die than to have to deal with silence and fights. I know that my feelings are not always justified, but it would be nice to be understood once in a while. Instead I feel like I have to keep it all locked up on the inside unless I want to be…

Am I Happy?

Am I happy? I just need a friend I threw away every reference to anything more. No. Rephrase. I tucked it away safely for a rainy day. And the only way I know to make a friend is to give something I have to give but it doesn’t mean I don’t need anything in return….


‘adultery’ is Googled 450,000 times per month. For years I’ve kept my eyes from catching yours because I knew it might take me beyond the safe distance of your voice. Every day I’ve withered from the side in your arms when you held me tighter than I could respond smiling politely in the distance when…