I Missed you.

I miss you and all you gave me which was only hope that someday we would be more than a passing glance a stolen chance for making memories that make every day more than waiting sitting close close as you could feeling electricity that since lost its charge.

Places Inside

there’s a place inside that still hasn’t been reached sometimes it seems silly to hope for more when life seems to pass by so quickly and you start losing those you love one by one.


Sometimes I would rather die than to have to deal with silence and fights. I know that my feelings are not always justified, but it would be nice to be understood once in a while. Instead I feel like I have to keep it all locked up on the inside unless I want to be…


I know your face How you’re searchin for a place for a love that will not let you go and I know your pain how it felt to lose your name and sit there waitin to find yourself again. I know your kind How you like to change your mind and look for something better…

Am I Happy?

Am I happy? I just need a friend I threw away every reference to anything more. No. Rephrase. I tucked it away safely for a rainy day. And the only way I know to make a friend is to give something I have to give but it doesn’t mean I don’t need anything in return….