During one of my lowest points in life, I found myself Googling all sorts of phrases to find the answers to my problems.  One day when I couldn’t Google fast enough to keep up with my desire to KNOW, to truly find the answers to life’s problems, disappointments and outright agony–I realized that I must not be alone.  There must be others out there, sitting at their desk, trying to helplessly hide their longing to know by frantically minimizing their browser when the boss walks by.  I mean after all, who would want to be caught googling, “what to do when I don’t want sex anymore” or “how to have a better bowel movement.”

Since I’ve done “SEO” for a living the past five years of my life, I decided I would become an SEO Evangelist, though I hate the word evangelist, of sorts, if it was God’s will of course.  I knew that my obsessive Google searches were really just making me a little more schizophrenic than I wanted to admit that I already am.  And I also knew that many of the answers I found were not the TRUTH, the God truth that sets you free instead of the muddy truth that binds you up just a little bit more until you’ll never be flexible enough to touch your toes without bending your knees.

We all want to believe there is an THE answer out there.  We’re all searching for something and many of us have resorted to living our life by the TOP 10 results of Google, instead of The outdated TEN commandments.  Life has taken a turn from the simple to the complex, from following THE BOOK to simply gambling the Choose Your Own Adventure kind of life

I grew up in a “Christian” a very particular flavor albeit kind of home, so I know ALL of the answers, the GOD answers, the right answers.  But I do NOT have the answers that will meet the need of your soul to KNOW and to be KNOWN.  THAT is between you and God, you and your life, you and your family, and you and your soul.

This blog is not about GIVING you the catechism answers many of us already know, only to leave you searching for something more.  This blog is about helping you to find something better than what you WOULD HAVE found, should you have landed on a page that tells you to divorce that slum bag, instead of a page that encourages you to hold on for that deeper meaning that emerges from “sticking it out” with the one who you remember having loved once upon a time.

My first SEO articles dealt with the subjects “divorce” and “suicide.”  I have received thousands of hits on those articles and many emails from individuals who were experiencing much pain in their relationships and life overall.  At the root of their Google search, was the desire to find an “answer.”  I’ve prayed for those individuals and have enlisted others to pray that they would find the TRUTH in their quest for meaning and resolve.

My prayer for you is that you find something positive rather than negative, something deep rather than shallow, something eternal rather than mortal, something beautiful rather than ugly, something whole rather than torn, something pure rather than polluted.

God bless you in your search for answers.


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  1. walter says:

    Hi Anna
    I don’t know where to start…
    You’ve got a wealth of inspiring and creative stuff, I feel like a kid in the candy store. Wow! I appreciate you visit and comment on my blog. May the Lord continue to use and bless you. Stay blessed!

    1. godanalytics says:

      Thank you so much Walter! I just posted on “creativity” and it’s so hard to keep being creative when our priorities are out of whack (i.e. competing with ourselves and others). I watched the “sun” for a while on your blog….quite a brilliant image of God as never changing. Thank you!

  2. So here is something for the SEO in you to investigate, and I wasn’t sure where else to put this comment. I just heard that there is a website that promotes a Christian approach to pornography, not against it but an attempt to sanctify it I guess. The site I was told about is http://www.televictim.com/christianporn which I have looked at briefly but not investigated. I admit that I feel pretty ambivalent about it theologically, and skeptical. Just curious what your take might be; you seem to specialize in looking into current trends. I am curious if this is a unique website or the tip of an iceberg. The website is a business site and offers products for sale but does not display any pornographic content, by the way. I have noticed that we are more accustomed in our culture to dealing with routine content that I would once have labeled pornographic. There is a lot out there that I would once have felt intensely uncomfortable with but now seems fairly acceptable. I wonder if we are becoming more mature or less mature. Well just thought I would toss this in for someone else to think about; the Bible has all the riske content that I can cope with.

    1. godanalytics says:

      Hi Carroll,
      I have seen similar sites before, but not this particular one. Quite honestly, in relation to almost ALL of my spiritual beliefs, I’m still working on finding my own Scriptural basis for them. According to what I know in line with how I’ve been conditioned, I would automatically say, “Good try, Christian porn producers, but there is no way to harness this lust thing and make sure its directed in only one direction, when there are more than YOUR OWN husband and wife involved.” However, I am willing to study and dig deeper into issues of “Godly” sexuality, because it really isn’t all so clear in my head. I have a puzzle that is ALL put together, but some of the pieces don’t fit. If someone looks at it, they can tell that I’ve jammed a few pieces where they don’t belong just for the sake of “getting it done,” “giving an answer.” The EXACT phrase “Christian porn” is Googled
      9,900 times per month. By very definition, “porn” is meant to incite “lust.” Not sure if there is a difference between getting excited about seeing someone’s naked body and actually “lusting” after them, having a strong sexual desire for them. Perhaps there are other criteria that I’m missing that would make “Christian” porn out of line with God’s law. But one of the major problems with porn, aside from the “lust” aspect is the objectification of women and the mis-representation of “loving” “mutual” sex between two people in a marriage relationship. This website purports to have eliminated that “issue” with porn. However, I’m definitely not prepared to promote a site like that as a “Christian” alternative to porn, because it would take A LOT of re-wiring and God’s peace. For those matters of “to eat or not to eat,” I believe the Bible says something like, if you personally can’t feel good about it, or if you know it will offend someone else, go ahead and refrain from it. So just based on that alone, if I WERE EVER able to see “Christian porn” as a good thing, I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone about it. It would be like a gateway drug for TOO MANY people. I think this gets into the passage also in the Bible where it talks about “It isn’t what goes in that’s dirty, but what comes out.” Something like that. Again, like I said, a big put together puzzle with many pieces in the wrong place. Too scatterbrained now a days, to come up with something coherent on this. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your concerns are basically the same as mine. I feel pretty muddled in trying to think about it so for me I plan to shelve the whole question for a later date. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Well, I said I would shelve the issue but it nags at me to think. The one helpful thought – possibly helpful – is that pornography may be what is meant in Romans 1:24 “Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves.” I think that chapter of Romans is more difficult to interpret than it is commonly assumed to be so I am not totally sure this is a helpful verse.
    My impulses run counter to all attempts to create a “Christian law”, however well-intentioned. It is more helpful to think in terms of helpful/unhelpful or wise/foolish, or so it seems to me. Well, this is as far as I have gotten in thinking.
    Peace to you and your household.

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